Karma - A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny (Hardcover)

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What is Karma?

‘Karma is the only concept in the world that addresses human perplexity in the face of suffering. It is the only logic that explains the seeming arbitrariness of the world we live in.’ A much-used word, Karma is loosely understood as a system of checks and balances in our lives, of good actions and bad deeds, of good thoughts and bad intentions. A system which seemingly ensures that at the end of the day one gets what one deserves. This grossly over-simplified understanding has created many complexities in our lives and taken away from us the very fundamentals of the joy of living.

Through this book, not only does Sadhguru explain what Karma is and how we can use its concepts to enhance our lives, he also tells us about the Sutras, a step-by-step guide to navigating our way in this challenging world. In the process, we get a deeper, richer understanding of life and the power to Craft our Destinies.


Customer Reviews

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Jay Phua
Must read this book

This book asnwered my questions on Karma. I am glad to have this book.

Nirmal Chima
A Life Line

Karma book has come in as an unexpected and welcome guide to illuminate our paths during this time of reflection of self and life, that the pandemic has forced upon us all. It is a life line.

A true gift

Bought this book in a bid to understanding the mystery of a word that floats everywhere. Karma, I thought it will be a good book to read, but it was a journey of discovering the possibility that exists within me, to chart my own path. A true gift... don't miss it.

Kuan Foo Cheh
A Foundation of life!

This book answered the biggest questions that I have in my life. And show me the way to sail through life, control my own destiny.

Varshini Raja Gopal
Quench your thirst

This book answers all my questions and doubts on Karma....

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