Uplift Your Space

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Uplift Your Space 

Create a Soothing Ambience

Create a soothing atmosphere of calm & serenity:

  • Incense Sticks x 2 

  • Copper Incense Stand

  • Hammered Wick Flower Lamp


Incense Sticks ( 2 packets )

Handmade all natural incense sticks give off pleasant aroma and removes any harmful bacteria present in the air.

Note: Flavour of the incense will subject to availability of stocks.

Copper Incense Stand

This handcrafted copper incense stand, made using casting technique, is ideal for any incense stick and will look lovely as part of your home décor.



Made of durable, tarnish resistant metal, combines the best of the traditional and contemporary design elements. Sadhguru explains the significance of lighting Oil Lamps in your house. Read the article here.

Oil lamps require wicks in order to be lit.


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