Isha Herbal Drink, 100 gm



Isha Herbal Drink promotes overall health for the system and is meant to help rejuvenate the body. Made with 16 different herbs including Lotus, Hibiscus, Tanner Cassia, Indian Sarsaparilla, Rose, Climbing Brinjal, Dried Ginger, Tulsi, and Indian Gooseberry, this potent all-natural blend is high in antioxidant properties. These herbs have been used in traditional medicine for many years because of their known ability to help bring well-being to the human system.

Isha Herbal Drink can be supportive for diabetes, hypertension and heart problems due to its antioxidant properties.



Mix one tablespoon with one cup of water

Boil for 5 minutes and strain

You can add Jaggery, Palm Sugar or Honey for taste


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